Deadline / Deadline

We understand that time is an irreplaceable resource that is being lost right now while you read this text.

Speed for business often becomes a key factor: a new product can increase profits, affect the market, create an advantage for the company.

We are ready to give a guarantee on the deadline, even with a short deadline. To do this, you need to accurately assess the volume, required effort, available time resource and the reason for the rush.

Leave a request, we will help to objectively evaluate the problem and find the best solution.

We are ready to go for fines and fix the development period, but on the principle of reciprocity. If 10% delay on the agency side, the same for the client for the period of approval

Another version of the design, the timing of approval, a change in structure - the new introductory ones increase the timeline, so we do not promise a specific date, but give an estimate in working days

Get ready to respond promptly, pauses on the part of the client double the time. One or two days for feedback greatly accelerate the process

To get started
we need to talk

It is enough to talk about your project, indicate contacts, and we will contact to discuss everything.