We pump sales
using amoCRM

We are introducing amoCRM so that managers do not drown in tables, leads are not lost, and sales increase

No more lost leads, low conversion, or an overloaded sales team.

We do not just set up a CRM system, but carry out a digital transformation of sales and help small and medium-sized businesses build new business processes.

We will return motivation to employees,
and you lost customers

Thanks to statistics, you will find out where your bottlenecks in the sales department are — customer losses and forgotten customers.

sales department

Thanks to automatic modules and settings, you can take off routine tasks.

Optimize costs

Thanks to integration with the sources of applications, you can see which channels are paying for themselves and which are operating at a loss.

Result after the first month *


One month after implementation, conversion increased by 40%


The collaboration of managers and a simple interface increased sales by 120%

* - average for 10 accounts of our customers

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Presentation of the system in 3 minutes

Upgrade your sales team today

We study the sales department, we find problematic
places and show how easy they are
competent implementation of CRM system

We boost sales using amoCRM

It is enough to talk about your project, indicate contacts, and we will contact to discuss everything.